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Telgian Fire Safety is a worldwide provider of fire system engineering, inspections and maintenance, serving 50,000 locations annually throughout the U.S. and abroad. Since 1985, Telgian has served as a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions and keeping facilities safe, compliant and on budget.

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Telgian faced legacy systems that were reaching obsolescence and end of life, resulting in inefficiencies and duplicated effort across departments. Major pain points included inhibited scalability, lack of customization, delays with customer billing, the inability to track the success rate of SLAs with vendors and lack of overall system reliability.

They were seeking a partner who could lead them into the age of digital transformation by updating their current processes and systems.


The Joybyte team analyzed Telgian’s entire ecosystem of technologies and identified systems that were ready to be rebuilt and rearchitected. We underwent an in-depth discovery phase with Telgian to better understand their operations and processes so we could identify value streams for their business.

In addition to updating and rebuilding current systems, Joybyte also built new custom systems, like the Telgian video inspection app. Joybyte has helped Telgian increase their bottom line by limiting errors, reducing the average time and cost per inspection, lowering costs associated with training, improving accuracy of payroll data and shortening billing cycles.

“Joybyte really took the time to understand our company mission, the brand, and the people we were trying to target with our website. The team took a lot of time to ask questions so that when it came time to design, develop, and write content, they were already hitting the nail on the head.”

Maria Foes

Director of Business Analytics, Future Energy Solutions

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video inspection

Joybyte created a video inspection app with reporting features for Telgian inspectors. This app resulted in improved efficiency for high-dollar employees by eliminating the need to travel from site to site. Via the 2-way video app, they can coach an apprentice through an inspection without having to leave their desk.

Every senior inspector is able to complete 3-4 video inspections each day with team members who are already in the field. This saves time, reduces travel expenses and ensures team members’ expertise is better utilized.


dynamic survey logic

The previous CMS app for performing site survey inspections was not well adopted. It was so unusable in the field that inspectors often opted to use paper inspection forms and input notes into the system later. Joybyte’s key initiative was to build a product that would support real-time use and prevent those duplicate efforts.

Joybyte also integrated dynamic survey logic to increase efficiency and ask the right questions based on the type of inspection. We developed specific criteria at the inspection-question level. When that question is asked, a work order is called in the mobile app. The criteria is matched and a dynamic survey is generated that includes the services to be performed on an annual, semi-annual, and 5-year basis for any given project.


vendor SLA tracking

The end-to-end process to start and complete a work order with a vendor was another pain point for Telgian. Joybyte created a vendor dispatch portal with tracking abilities that dispositions work orders to the vendor network under strict SLA guidelines. The portal integrates with a mobile app so vendors can oversee service orders, dispatch to inspectors and manage the capture of data directly from the field.

This resulted in decreased average time and cost of inspection, fewer errors during inspections by using historical site data, reduced cost and time for training, improved cash flows due to shortened billing cycles and automated inventory management.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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