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PRE Open House is the first platform dedicated to simplifying the way home buyers find and attend open houses. Using the app, buyers can locate, save, schedule, and map open houses – all in one convenient place.

convenient mobile app

intuitive ui/ux

stress-free experience

Asset collection for Pre Open House featuring user views on mobile and desktop with populating house listings, agent chat features as well as an admin view though the app showing the My Leads section.


The best way to get the most public exposure for a home and for buyers to physically view a property is by holding open house events. Popular real estate search platforms use this opportunity to share user information with multiple realtors rather than directly with the listing or open house agent. This leads to issues with incorrect information and pressure sales which results in user frustration and dissatisfaction.

There is also a disconnect in the way information can be displayed on these platforms. Agents are not able to publish the contact information for an open house agent, or any other pertinent information other than date and time. This results in the inability to communicate important details such as gate codes and time changes, or provide help for buyers who are lost and in need of directions.


PRE Open House approached Joybyte to solve this industry issue by creating the first mobile app of its kind, to help connect buyers with open houses in a convenient, stress-free way.

For the first time ever, home buyers can attend open houses with a direct line of communication to an open house agent.

Agents can also now pre-market their listings with a Coming Soon Open House. This not only gives their seller important pre-listing feedback, but affords buyers the chance to preview homes not yet on the market. This presents a great way for agents to add value to their sellers as well as gives buyers a chance to see homes before they’re published on all the other real estate websites and platforms.

“I am truly excited that consumers will finally have a real estate platform that not only provides them an easy to use platform in which to find all open houses, but also provides transparency to buyers knowing exactly who they are communicating with. This will allow more buyers to feel more comfortable attending open houses, which I believe will encourage more agents to hold them.”

Shannon Quagliata

Founder and CEO

project highlights


convenient mobile app

The PRE Open House app changes the way potential buyers experience open houses. Users gain a friendlier way to browse available properties, RSVP for open house events, and share their opinions about each property after the tour. This helps users remember specifics about each house and gives real estate agents an understanding of potential buyers’ feedback.


intuitive ui/ux

Users can get real-time push notifications on open houses that fit their search criteria and save an open house to their list for immediate updates, time changes or cancellations – all in real time on the app.


stress-free experience

Potential buyers are also able to communicate directly with the open house agent in the app – without immediately becoming a sales lead. Agents are able to manage their properties effectively, connect with buyers and provide a great customer experience. This leads to a stress free experience for everyone involved.

The PRE Open House app is available for free on Android and iPhone.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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