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Our Happy Divorce (OHD) is empowering and inspiring people to think differently about family dynamics: divorce, co-parenting, step-parenting, and what it means to put kids first. Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond are sharing their journey, inspiring parents to set aside their egos and create healthier, happier post-divorce families. Though their marriage has been over for more than a decade, they still share a happy life with each other and their son Asher, along with their spouses and children.

unified brand identity

audience development

engaged content strategy

Asset collection featuring color swatches and typography from the Our Happy Divorce brand style guide along with a sample social media post.


There has been a positive shift in the divorce community in recent years. Celebrity stories about co-parenting and “conscious uncoupling” have no doubt paved the way for the future of blended family dynamics, but there still remains a lingering negative stigma around divorce.

Nikki and Ben envision a new normal where all families experiencing divorce embrace a commitment to place the needs of their children at the center of their decisions and create healthy post-divorce relationships.

They needed a partner who could help them spread the word and mission of OHD to inspire other families going through divorce.


“Our ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible through our story so they understand there’s a different way [to approach divorce] and give them hope about what [family] could look like for them in the future,” said Ben. “We want to give people hope.”

Their book “Our Happy Divorce: How Ending Our Marriage Brought Us Closer Together” was published in October 2019.

Joybyte created a cohesive brand and image for OHD and a defined growth strategy to position Nikki and Ben as thought leaders in the divorce community.

“The team from the beginning showed that they were going to be committed to this project. They took a month to dive in and read the book and get to know our story. They really got into it and have done everything they said they would and then some. The passion for our project is clear. We feel like their only client, we get that much care and attention on our account. ”

Ben Heldfond


project highlights


unified brand identity

Though the book cover had already been designed, OHD still needed a solid brand identity. Joybyte designed a brand foundation that included the logo, color palette, typeface guidelines and photographic style, as well as the company vision, mission, values and other core messaging. The heart over the ‘i’ in ‘divorce’ is a flexible brand element and the angle adds forward momentum to the element of ‘love,’ relating to the mission of the movement.

We brought in a script font for the word “happy” to depict that Nikki and Ben are personally penning a handwritten letter to their audience.


audience development

One of the biggest priorities for OHD is awareness, reach and interaction with their target market: families affected by divorce. Social graphics depict the OHD message and are backed up with real family images from Nikki and Ben’s lives.

Joybyte has dramatically expanded OHD’s audience reach by 1800% in 6 months.


engaged content strategy

Joybyte created an audience-driven and search optimized content strategy to position OHD as real-life experts in 6 core topics. The content strategy comes to life in blog content, contributed articles, videos, social media messaging, monthly newsletter, email marketing to OHD’s engaged audience and more.

“Joybyte is dedicated – that month that they took to understand our voice, it comes through clearly in our posts, in the content we push out, through the whole brand,” said Ben.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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