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Naima Health was born from a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Their team of leading decision scientists, machine learning specialists and maternal-fetal health clinicians sought to create an evidence-based application to help with early risk identification and intervention for adverse pregnancy outcomes. Naima Health’s ultimate goal is to help women have a safe, healthy and supported pregnancy by integrating clinical science, maternal medicine, statistics and machine learning.

patient-facing mobile app

physician portal web app

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Asset collection featuring mobile functionality when viewing a weight progress chart and updating daily mood options.


“Typically what happens is women search the web for information and they don’t have a lot of time to talk to their doctor. When you go for prenatal care, you have a lot of tests and not a lot of time to ask questions. Doctors may also miss things when assessing risk or may be hesitant to assess some risks, such as intimate-partner violence, if they don’t have the toolkit to address them,” explains Alex Davis, co-founder and CTO of Naima Health. “Without a digital platform where women can receive validated information about risk that is personalized to themselves, they’re guessing – relying on forums, the internet and family members.”

Naima Health was looking for a partner to design and develop the MyHealthyPregnancy (MHP) mobile application.


The goal was to deliver a personalized, engaging and effective pregnancy risk assessment and support tool with a specific focus on improving outcomes.

Naima Health conducted in-depth user testing and research with pregnant women. Joybyte used iterative design prototyping to gather insights and feedback on design preference, usability and product features. After several iterations, a powerful user experience was implemented with an emphasis on usability while maintaining the clinical authority of the content provided.

“Joybyte provided the entire suite of things that we needed – the backend, database management, algorithmic integration, front end design/user design, and testing. All of that is really hard to get from a single company. Joybyte is absolutely committed to producing a high-quality product.”

Alex Davis

Co-Founder and CTO

project highlights


patient-facing mobile app

The native Android and iOS mobile application is beautifully designed and easy to use. The MHP app centers around a periodic log that tracks the mother’s health throughout their pregnancy. Patient onboarding includes an initial survey that collects information from the mother. This helps the mother and her provider see trends in her health so that risks can be identified early.


physician portal web app

Joybyte also designed and created a physician portal .NET web application, where providers can receive real-time updates and alerts about their patients’ health.

We integrated the MHP system with EPIC health records software and helped to launch the product within the healthcare network. MHP is one of the only products on the market that integrates with electronic medical records, allowing for real-time communication in the app.


positive impact

The MHP app has to be prescribed to a patient by a participating provider. By linking with patient records, the MHP app is used as a supplemental tool in their patient care plan, to track progress and assess risk.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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