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Future Energy Solutions (FES) is an innovative global Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) provider that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains energy efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market. FES’ Lighting-as-a-Service solution provides customized LED lighting solutions at zero capital expense.

all-in-one web app

real-time dashboard

increased efficiency

Asset collectio featuring the functionality of the Atria dashboard including operational hour input for job sites and task notes.


The FES team utilized a master Excel spreadsheet to manage each individual lighting project, from start to finish. This behemoth of a spreadsheet included 40 tabs with hundreds of cells of information that could be manipulated (whether intentionally or accidentally). This resulted in inconsistencies and questions about the validity of the data. Manual steps led to mistakes and rushed shipments, which resulted in lost revenue.

“Without a channel to openly hold the information that is communicated between team members, we faced non-stop emails and phone calls for updates and manual report creation, that nobody trusted or read,” said Maria Foes, Director of Business Analytics.

FES was seeking a software solution to solve their issues of consistency, communication and the lack of automation and integration.


Joybyte created Atria, a comprehensive web-based application that seamlessly guides each lighting project. What was once a largely manual process is now automated. The app can be accessed from desktop for users in the office, as well as tablet and mobile for field use.

Since implementing Atria, the FES team has experienced:

  • Faster project processing times
  • Elimination of manual steps that resulted in costly mistakes
  • Live, up-to-date databases (bye bye, spreadsheets!)
  • Ability to make more informed business decisions
  • Increased inter-departmental collaboration

“Ben and the Joybyte team have a solid understanding of what we want and need. As FES grows, Atria keeps morphing to keep up! The more we use it, we want more. It’s comprehensive and truly unique to our business. We are thrilled with the Atria software and very pleased with the Joybyte team.”

Simon Conway


project highlights


all-in-one web app

Atria is a comprehensive web-based application that guides each custom lighting project, from sales lead through installation and beyond. A tablet application helps in-the-field representatives conduct energy audits, create detailed energy savings agreements and perform installations. A robust .NET framework facilitates complete project management from headquarters to coordinate nationwide sales, distribution, and maintenance efforts on all projects.


real-time dashboard

With a series of 20-30 project statuses, up-to-date reporting is crucial. The Atria real-time dashboard enables every FES employee to quickly see the status and timeline of each project. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks.


increased efficiency

Since implementing the Atria software, FES processes projects faster; removed manual steps that resulted in costly mistakes; reduced errors and improved speed; and improved collaboration drastically thanks to one transparent system. Employee efficiency has increased by at least 50%.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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