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Ascenta provides customer acquisition and donor acquisition services to leading commercial and non-profit organizations. They power hundreds of sales and fundraising professionals who engage in millions of conversations each year on behalf of their partners. These Brand Ambassadors deliver carefully developed messages and cultivate relationships on behalf of their clients. Their friendly faces are seen throughout cities and communities, at businesses and local events.

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Asset collection featuring color swatches from the Ascenta brand style guide along with donor guides and a face-to-face fundraising custom video.


Ascenta needed help redefining their brand and creating cohesive messaging on their website to make it easy for prospective partners to understand their business. The team was looking for a partner that could transform their brand image to showcase Ascenta as thought leaders in the non-profit fundraising and sales strategy space.

Ascenta’s biggest goals are to expand their footprint across the U.S., increase and diversify current partners and offer more solutions for partners.


Joybyte worked with Ascenta to get to the story behind their brand identity, update their website messaging and graphics, and drill into the unique differentiators that set them apart from the market. This foundation makes it easier for the Ascenta team to engage potential prospects with a cleaner image, a better story and a clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP).

“There’s nothing Joybyte hasn’t been able to accomplish for us. The team always sticks to deadlines and keeps us organized and moving forward. It’s been a really easy experience. We have a great relationship with the team, we feel like they’re an extension of our own company.”

Sarah Flis

Chief Operating Officer

project highlights


brand story

Ascenta had recently redesigned their logo, but needed to define the rest of their brand identity. Joybyte created a complete visual identity, brand style guide, iconography and illustrations, marketing templates, brand messaging and more.

The Ascenta brand voice is informative but not condescending, casual yet put together, modern but not trendy, and familiar yet refreshing.


marketing strategy

Joybyte developed an integrated marketing strategy to position Ascenta as the leading provider of face-to-face donor and customer acquisition solutions. This strategy takes into account all the channels and touchpoints that Ascenta’s target audience interacts with as they seek to increase their donor or customer base.

Joybyte manages Ascenta’s digital strategy, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, website optimizations and more.


thought leadership

Ascenta’s marketing foundation is built on a full-funnel content strategy that aims to provide helpful resources to target audiences at every stage of the customer journey. This content establishes Ascenta as a trusted resource for non-profit and sales strategies.

Their editorial calendar includes a well-devised cadence of interactive digital content, blog articles, eBooks, best practice guides, easy-to-use templates and more. By tailoring content to prospects’ needs, Jobyte has boosted organic search presence, created awareness of the Ascenta brand and generated interest among potential prospects.

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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