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Today’s consumers are deliberately seeking companies that reflect their values. This means brand identity is more important than ever.

This evolution in consumer preferences is altering the way organizations approach the market. Startups are leading with strong values and mission-driven identities out of the gate, while many established organizations take a step back to reimagine how they present their brands.

If you’re ready to create or recreate your identity, Joybyte crafts powerful brands that resonate with people and inspire loyalty.

Asset collection of the Really Big Crane Company logo, color values, brand application, and mobile Instagram asset.

brand creation & evolution

Authentic brands are built from an intimate understanding of what makes your organization unique. When we set out to build your new brand, we’ll dig deep to understand everything there is to know about your business. We identify your:

business goals, offerings & values

competitive or market landscape

audience characteristics, needs, motivations & challenges

company value propositions & competitive differentiation

Once we have a clear picture of what makes your organization unique, we set out to create a brand that will be the foundation for lasting connections.

messaging & storytelling

Meaningful brands start with a story. This is about much more than organizational history. Your brand story tells the world what you stand for and why it matters. Through a series of workshops, our brand and content strategists will work with your team to define your:

vision, mission, values

unique value proposition

audience & persona messaging

taglines & headlines

visual brand identity

Your visual identity evolves directly from your story and the feelings you want to communicate to the world. It includes all the components that people see when they interact with your brand.

color palette
image guidelines

brand guide & templates

Creating a strong brand is only the beginning of brand marketing. To build brand equity, companies need consistent application of brand components. It’s important that, no matter how people interact with your organization, they always have a similar experience.

We’ll provide all the components you need for a strong brand foundation:

brand graphics, iconography & illustrations
print collateral
slide & spreadsheet templates
email & social media templates

Sunny Manning
Senior Graphic Designer

Sunny Manning, Graphic Designer, Joybyte

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